Saturday, June 9


When we found out we were having twins, we waited to see "what" we were having before we started buying baby stuff. And we were given great advice to wait to buy "2" of most things until we knew if both kids liked/needed it (except for obvious things like cribs, high-chairs).

Now it that they are in an older, playing stage, we have QUICKLY realized that the big-ticket items require one for each kid - like a Cozy Coup car! O.m.g. Sibling rivelry at its best.

 *I know you're thinking they look like they are playing JUST FINE together, but there was lots of pushing and tears. And tonight I had to say enough's enough and remove both kids and put the car FAR away! 

Similarly, this is how they play with the slide (as you can see the coup is sitting in the background, unattended).

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