Tuesday, June 26

Watching Grass Grow

Which is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but if you ask Craig he thinks it is the greatest. After the big landscape project, we were given instructions to water the new seed/straw area every day. And every morning Craig heads out to start the sprinkler and adjust its position every 20min, making sure everything has been watered. Well, last week I started the sprinkler before I left for work and I noticed a couple sprigs of green poking through the straw but thought nothing of it because that is what is supposed to happen when seeds get water and sun (I'm not going to go through the whole life cycle/germination process of plants - you have the idea). About an hour later I received a text from Craig that the grass is GROWING! I said, yeah, I saw it. Then he says, why didn't you tell me? You need to get excited about that sh*t. Really? Of all the world's problems and we are going to get giddy over grass....I guess it's the little things sometimes:)

The kids, also have been growing! And walking and climbing and hitting and jabbering and just being kids. Drew's a little daredevil and thinks he can climb to the top of ANYTHING. Kelsey and Drew will each other whenever the mood strikes them right. Kelsey hates it when Drew is "touching" the same thing she is; Drew is obsessed with switches/knobs.

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