Sunday, September 2

Playtime Fun

These are some pics from over the weekend of the kids"together". People like to ask me if they have their own twin language or play well together or some variation of a "twin tale". I only notice them playing next to each other but not usually with the same toy. They often steal toys from each other, which results in crying, tantrums, and/or violent actions (hitting, hair pulling). They are totally brother and sister, and I imagine the sibling rivalry will only continue (as I remember it so well lastly into my teen years).

Now that I look at the sequence of pictures, it all starts out innocent, then gets a little ugly, and then turns out sweet.

Kelsey did this in an earlier post - this is the first time I believe Drew
attempted to sit in the drawer.

So when Drew crawled out, Kelsey climbed in. But of course then Drew
wanted to be in it too...she's NOT happy.

But then they start playing games with the widow...

...and the anger is forgotten.

And we love each other again!

This picture is unrelated to the above...I just like how he moves his foot
inside the cup, instead of putting the cup on his foot! He's a goof.


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