Saturday, September 15

Coveted Weekends

It's possible this could be our last "warm" weekend - one never knows about Wisconsin seasons, the weather has been all over the place lately! We are trying to "tune" up the outside before the really cool weather i.e. snow, gets here. Dare I say it's almost perfect today and I will be shuffling the kids outdoors as soon as they wake up from their nap.

Last weekend we attended my brother's housewarming party, which consisted of us chasing the kids around as they checked out Derek's yard, the neighbors driveway, the sidewalk - pretty much everything but the party! We also went to Indian Summer at the Summerfest grounds. The kids loved the Native dance competition; especially since we showed up right in time for fancy dress senior group. Who wouldn't love bright colored feathers, drums, and bells on their moccasins dancing in front of you? Of course we couldn't leave without eating an Indian taco...sooooo yummy! I wish I had more pics of the actual festival but I learned the hard way that the Summerfest grounds does NOT allow wagons - so we had to carry the kids and leave the wagon behind :( So the 2 pics I got were when the kids and I were waiting for Craig to get us some food!

On an impulse, Craig picked this "vanity" set up at a rummage sale on the way home from the gym. The kids were napping while he was setting it up/cleaning it - my comment to Craig was, "don't think for a second that Drew won't play with it. It talks to you and has accessories. He doesn't know it's for girls and not boys."

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