Saturday, September 29

Wow...a Year and a Half

Where does the time go? EVERYONE tells you that kids "grow up SO FAST" and you politely nod your head. But until it happens directly to you, it doesn't seem possible! It has been both so exciting and sad to watch them get to 18 months. On top of all the new things they are learning, they look so different from 6 months ago. Drew's been getting monthly haircuts since then and Kelsey's hair has doubled in length (when it's wet, it goes past her shoulders). They've stopped looking like babies and are bursting into toddler-hood full force! Every once in a while I catch myself watching them and thinking "I remember when they couldn't even play with that toy/climb up the slide/ride that car" and somewhere along the way they figured it out.

I just realized I should probably get some 18 month pictures taken of these kids and hope the weather cooperates for a couple more weekends so we can do them outside!

And I scored some great second-hand buys at the semi-annual Just Between Friends Sale. Think of it as one HUGE infant/toddler/kids rummage - all under one roof. If there is one in your area, I strongly suggest checking it out, especially for those things your kid might only wear/use once (like dress shoes for boys - seriously, Drew's gonna wear them once). There are aisles upon aisles of toys, clothes, shoes, books, strollers.

Today we hope to go watch Craig play softball. I'm not sure how well it will go considering the kids usually want to run in opposite directions and do not want to sit in one place in their stroller. Besides that they are supporting Craig's team and wearing their own softball shirts (see below) - so cute!

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