Sunday, September 9

Are You Ready For Some..., cooler weather, fall, pumpkin spice lattes? All of these things are happening, thanks to the month of September (which snuck up on us but brought my FAVORITE time of the year). It's been so great to wear jeans this weekend and sit down today and watch football all day.

This is what happened when we told Kelsey to give Drew a hug - he
saw it as a chance for a take down!

His new found love of sweeping. He also loves the vacuum.
A man that cleans - gotta like that:)

Drew is trying to figure out the chair now that I've strategically moved it
AWAY from the end table. Because he can climb up onto the chair and then crawls
over the table to get onto the love seat! He is trouble!

This is Kelsey dominating Craig's phone. He downloaded
a preschool animal app that when you swipe the phone it moves
on to the next animal, says its name, and if you touch the phone again
makes the animal noise. She hasn't mastered the double touch of the
screen yet!

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