Friday, October 12

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Hope that's not too cliche for this somber/sensitive post. Craig's faithful dog Marty, of 13 years, has gone to that big dog park in the sky. Marty has been apart of alot of people's lives. He started out with a bunch of college roommates and ended up with a couple of babies - the beginning is the same as the end; up all night, food on the floor, noisy kids:). We knew his time was short 6 months ago when he stopped eating for 2 days and couldn't make it up the stairs. It's been a slow realization that he probably wasn't going to make to the winter. Then he started growing these obscure tumors. Since then Marty's lost his spunk, he doesn't bark when a "stranger" comes into the house - which was his thing (as anyone who knows him!).

We were nervous about Marty interacting with the babies...he can be territorial over Craig/us. You would think he was protective of Craig and not me but it got to a point where Marty would pick me over Craig - probably because he could sense I wasn't *really* a dog person and tried very hard to win me over. Back in the day, I would work a 12 hour night shift, drive to Craig's place, and Marty and I would sleep - after the fact that Marty JUST slept 8 hours with Craig! Anyway, I digress, Marty was actually very gentle with Kelsey and Drew. He allowed the kids to crawl on him, over him, around him, play with his food.

He has given us some great years and our lives will not be the same. He has left pawprints on our hearts. I know he's in a better place with some "new" paws/legs, chasing tennis balls in a wide-open field.

(These are some younger pictures of him and I can't believe how "heavy" he looks compared to recent).

"All dogs go to heaven because, unlike people, dogs are naturally good and loyal and kind." (Whippet Angel, All Dogs Go To Heaven - ca. 1989)

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