Saturday, October 6

Marshmallow Kids

We didn't do much this week except try to enjoy the last 70 degree days before Mother Nature threw a wicked 50 degree curve ball. She was all, "What? You like warm fall days? Well, here - wake to some frost and have a blustery little weekend." The kids went a little stir-crazy at the sitters yesterday because they have become accustomed to playing questions asked. Even this morning we thought we'd get them out while we raked up more leaves (we already have a gigantic pile of leaves in the street and half of our trees still have their leaves!). It was so cold but when I asked if they wanted to go inside or when I held the door open for them, they just turned and ran the other way. We acquired some fleece one-piece snow suit like outfits and so I thought that might keep them warm over their clothes. What I didn't know is how silly they would look or how they would move like the Stay Puff Marshmallow man!

Kelsey had to be held while dad blew the leaves,

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