Monday, March 25

2 Two-Year Olds!

Officially today the kids have turned 2! We had such a great "train" party, celebrating with our families. They have grown into such different little people. They are fairly independent of each other; Kelsey is polite, quieter, and shy. Drew is silly, loud, a show-off, and still learning his manners. We aren't even talking about moving them OUT of their cribs.There is only a little talk of using the "potty". Drew actually talks about pee a lot lately and will tell you when he stinks. They eat and sleep well, although we are working on liking our vegetables more! Drew's been waking up at night for about 15 min, I rock him back to sleep, put him back to bed and there is not a peep out of him after - hope it's just a phase he's in;) Kelsey plays with her fake food and pots; always stirring/mixing/pouring some goodies into our cups and bowls. Drew has been obsessed with balls and swinging a fake bat, then asking us "where'd it go?" (as if he hit some grand slam bomb). Lots of talk also about "BIG CARS", even when I tell them it's a truck and try to get to say truck, they look at me funny. The sitter's grandson has "monster" trucks that the kids love playing with and I suspect the Easter Bunny might put one in their basket:)

We can't WAIT for Spring - bring on the warmer weather and fresh air, trips to the park and playgrounds. The kids are so much fun at this age and we are enjoying watching them grow.

A little pre-party stretch

A pre-party snack

Drew not only blew out his OWN candle multiple times, but Kelsey's too!

Blue frosting overload - it didn't agree with her tummy later :(

"Refurbished" Powerwheels truck, courtesy of Uncle Derek

Sometimes the party girl needs a nap!

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