Friday, March 1

Ack! It's March!

So....again it's been 2 weeks since the last post and I'll just go through what's been going on with us!

Well, last weekend the kids spent some time with Grandma Linda while we attended a memorial benefit for my cousin Stacie and her kids. We had some very enjoyable adult time while Kelsey and Drew kept my mom and step-dad busy. Kelsey's new words are "I sorry" "I touch" and "Papa", which she told me all about "Papa, yum yum, hiiiiiiiiiiii, mommy, yum yum, Papa" when we came over to my mom's Sunday for lunch and my step-dad was in the kitchen and Kelsey was pointing at him and the food in the oven. Drew's new dance is "I like to move it, move it". He just giggles away!

Again we were digging out of all the snow! Craig had his first snow day this season - which couldn't have come at a better time since Drew was up the night before with a fever. He ate/drank fine during the day and slept like a "baby" the next night. Then he had diarrhea. Soooooooo it could have been a touch of the flu (the sitter's grandson threw up that morning) or some sort of 2 year molar thing. Kelsey was her normal, silly self so we are just counting our blessings that Drew's "illness" didn't last long and somehow Kelsey avoided it.

Drew had has first real haircut Thursday. We had been cutting his hair for the past year but with their 2 year photos coming up we figured he could use some professional help! Craig went first so that Drew could get a feel for the salon. He wasn't interested at first, so I held him in the chair. I would say Drew made it through 95% of it, holding his buddy and getting hair everywhere because he did not want to wear the protective "cape". Now he looks like 23 months going on 5! Haircuts always make him look older.

And another month has snuck up on us! It is March which means there will be 2 2 year olds in this house at the end of the month. So that means we have to start planning a party, letting go of our "babies" and welcoming "toddlers". Un-fricken-real how fast it has all gone by.

She's holding a 'bean' mouse which she has "adopted" from the sitter.
She sleeps with it and carries it around...

This is what happens when there is a snow day with dad!

Uhhhhh huhhhhh, getting hairs did

He had to sit facing me

And when your hairs are done good, you feel good, so you act silly!

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