Monday, March 18


We made our first "furniture fort" this weekend. I was wadding my way through laundry and had been folding sheets in the living room. Kelsey thought this was the bees knees, so she quickly crawled under, between the couch and coffee table. So I thought why not secure it down and let them play. They took their "buddys" and  drinks under the tent and just giggled away! That is until Drew thought it was funner to jump ON the sheet, destroying my fort. The whole experience was short lived but it was different, silly fun :)

Kelsey has been talking our ears off; sometimes we don't know exactly what she's saying (although she looks at us like we should respond). Her big phrase right not now is "Buuuhhh bye, seeyater." And she says it to EVERYONE we pass on our way out. She's getting to be such a little lady, being so polite, carrying her purse around, and going shopping with mom.

Drew's on a kick of asking where everyone is...repeatedly...even if I answer him...even if I give him a bizarre answer. From the back seat of the car, Drew will say, "Momma, Momma, were's da? Were's da?" I say, "At work." "Were's Doe? (Joe,the sitter's husband) "At his house." "Were's Benny? (the sitter's grandson) "At his grandma Arlene's house." (So I said the buzz word grandma, which they won't say but LOVE saying grandpa) Kelsey says, "Oh I wan Pahpa".

We spent a significant portion of our weekend working on the basement. It's been a looooonnnnngggg process since the flood in May but the hard work Craig has put in on the floor and walls is amazing; you'd never know there was 8 in of water flowing through to the drain on the opposite end side of the house. The electronics that were sitting in front of the window "waterfall" is another story:( So far we've lost a dvd player, surround sound, and possibly the Wii. Boo. It's always something, right??

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