Thursday, March 28

The Sickies

Well, we had a good go of winter. The kids managed to get 1 minor cold back in December. Then Saturday night after the birthday party, Kelsey threw up 4 times. I attributed it to all the frosting she ate - because that's all she ate off of her cake! (and the color of the puke, but I'll spare you the details). Drew was kinda out of it Sunday afternoon and crabby Monday. They both  had low fevers Monday and Kelsey was starting this crunchy cough. Oh h*ll no, I thought - we have PICTURES Tuesday! It would be par for the course; last year we didn't plan accordingly and it was daylight savings, so we were an hour off which caused Drew to skip a nap. And that kid NEEDS to nap! Of course I was a little worried he would be uncooperative and I left the session thinking, "I know Christy is talented but can she create happy, beautiful pics when my kids just weren't into it?"

So this year, same song and dance. Drew had melt-down after melt-down for the first hour of the session, like wanted to LEAVE the building. Kelsey's nose was dripping something fierce but she was overall happy. Then "trying" to get all of us together, in the same general area for an actual family photo was next to impossible. One saving grace was that the Chicago 'L' passed by the window about every 10 minutes to distract Drew from his crabbiness. We also hopped over to Montrose Beach to get some outdoor pics but the breeze coming off the lake was unbearable. Drew was just loving being outdoors and I so wished it would have been a tad warmer for the kids.

There is already a sneak peak on Christy's blog and hopefully we will have ALL of the pictures in a couple weeks. Have a great Easter holiday - we are praying the kids feel better so we can attend an Easter egg hunt at my aunt's (who dresses up like the Easter bunny too!).

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