Tuesday, April 2

Happy Easter

With all of the sickies we had this week, Easter was going to be a game-time decision for us. The kids woke up pretty normal Sunday morning and actually ventured OUT of the living room for the first time in a week. I didn't see them play on their own at all before this. So I figured they were feeling more like themselves. But the true test comes after waking up, so we were going to make the absolute decision after naptime.

They woke up "okay" and they had spent a lot of time indoors last week so I wanted them to be able to get out. Drew actually climbed into the stroller Sunday morning, asked for his coat, and asked to "go out". So, knowing it would be a quick visit, (by the time they got up and we drove up there we would only be spending about 2 hours with other people) we packed things up while the kids finished napping. It all started out fine but I don't know if I said the trigger word "home" or they were just done with Easter but they were in tears by the time we left.

They are in much better spirits today; back to their goofy selves with a lot less coughing, snot, and crabbiness!

Sweet baby Etta, trying to figure out all these kids!

Drew had no trouble jumping in and playing with the toys.

"I did it!"

I don't know about that face

Movie star...diva...top dog. just a few words come to mind when we
see her like this!

Classic Uncle Derek pose - point at nothing and ponder it.

Stealing hugs from a shy, squirmy Kelsey

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