Monday, April 22


Rock Band for Wii, that is! As we have been slowly getting our basement back to normal, obviously the first things we took care of were walls and floors. So now we've been replacing the damaged electronics. And with all of the rain, the kids not being able to get outside, we NEEDED another avenue to release their energy! I know they watch the sitter's grandson play Wii baseball, so they get the concept of the video games. Craig plays the "guitar" and the kids grab the drum sticks. Of course, Craig doesn't actually activate the drummer on the video game. Drew doesn't like to share the drumsticks, which maybe shows how passionate he is about drumming because I can get him to share pretty much anything by saying the word, "share" to him. We may be on the hunt for another set of drumsticks so Kelsey and Drew can be dueling drummers. The best part is hearing the kids exclaim, "I wanna dum!" or "I dum" every night after dinner. I told Craig we have to watch what they say in public because people may think we call our kids DUMB and they are repeating it! I know "r's" are hard to pronounce, even Drew says, "I Dew" with no r. We try saying DRUM to them, to emphasize the R they are missing and they just say "dum" as if, duh mom I just said that. I know it will come, right?

 Then on Saturday, we were in Wausau to celebrate Braden and Ella's birthdays. Cousin Braden has a REAL drum set and the kids were in heaven! They were so excited when it made actual noise and we had a hard time getting them away from it. And no, we will not be asking for a drum set for Christmas :)

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