Thursday, April 11

Spring Has Not Sprung

I thought I'd post some pictures of the tiny bit of Spring we experienced over Craig's spring break. Like, he was able to take the kids outside, granted they had to wear winter coats but weren't wet and muddy as one would think in this weather. I know it's hard to believe there was sunshine and dry ground only a week ago. We are so excited for parks and playgrounds and tricycles and turning the T.V. OFF - then maybe the kids won't ask about Caillou Caillou is a cartoon on Sprout. He's four years old and bald, yes totally bald. We aren't sure what his appeal is but almost any moment that Caillou isn't ON the television, one of the kids is asking, "Where's Caillou? I wan Caillou." And they laugh at him and are totally mesmerized by the short cartoon clips.

Otherwise the kids have been doing a lot of "colouring" then Kelsey says, "look - TADA!" We've been trying to get the kids to say "love you" back to us but they just associate us saying love you with a kiss - so they pucker up!

Sometimes you just gotta lay down at the department store!

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