Monday, January 13

Bathroom Bliss

Maybe you had forgotten that we even started remodeling our bathrooms; maybe you thought we just forgot to show you pictures of it...well I can see where that could happen because it has been three months since we started this whole thing. Actually it all started 4 months ago when the pipe was leaking and we did the plumbing - then it took a month to interview a couple tile candidates and get going!! It took SO.MUCH. longer to complete than we anticipated and became a matter of urgency as we were days away from hosting Christmas and one bathroom was still in shambles. The first tile guy ended up being kind of sketchy and the second one just had a run of bad luck - if I told you all the things that happened to us, you would think we should be on reality TV or HGTV/DIY fix my renovation programs!! One bathroom is way more my favorite (probably because I'm still tweaking the other one, so the extras aren't quite done yet) but so glad they are updated and finished :)

Bathroom 1 (where the pipe was leaking) mid-demolition

After!! (we added a shower, it was only a bath)

Bathroom 2 - in all it's pink glory!

The long, treacherous demolition


This bathroom connects to our room


  1. The before and after pictures speak for themselves guys! Congratulations on the improvements you have made in your bathrooms! Have you checked the other pipes if they are sturdy enough as well? Thanks for sharing! :)

    Monica Ryan

  2. Your bathrooms looks amazing! And how strange that this all started with a leak. Most plumbing-related problems are a total pain in the neck, but with results like these two, something awful turned out to be a good thing in the end.

    Kurt Verdejo @ Total Plumbing