Friday, January 31

Birthday Fun

We traveled north for a big birthday lunch for my Grandma Alice last weekend. It was a nice afternoon, with most of her family and dear friends. They read a story of her life so far, which explained a lot of things about her personality:) With all this "polar vortex" talk, we've been going a little stir-crazy being indoors. Craig hasn't even worked a full week THIS YEAR because of the holidays and extreme cold. While it has been a bit uncomfortable walking into work with a temp of -45, our house has received some much needed attention with all of Craig's days off! And really, how did it get to be the end of January already?? Before I know it, the kids' 3rd birthday will be here and Spring will be on its way.

Grandma Alice turned 85 on the 23rd, holding baby Benson for the first time.
He's 1 week old here. Oldest and youngest family members!!

I'm not sure how he came to this situation...he called for me to help him
and then I told him I had to take a picture.

Getting ready to go out for my birthday brunch!

Kelsey inspired the saying for my cake - she's a special little girl :)
So the story that goes with this cake...Craig was talking to Kelsey about my birthday coming up, trying to get them excited. He asked Kelsey if they should get a cake and of course she said YES! Then he asked what color the cake should be and she replied BLACK. Craig told her that black is kind of a sad color for a cake. She then said, "that's great too dad and we can have a happy birthday in a one horse open sleigh!" (I think because Jingle Bells was the one Christmas song she knew all the words too!)

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