Friday, January 24

Growing Pains

The kids have been super whiny and emotional over any little thing that doesn't go their way! I don't know if this is a phase or the product of turning 3 soon but it is ugly! (And a lot of my friends said forget the terrible twos, it's THREE that you have to watch out for...and really so far, 2 hasn't been bad so I guess I'm waiting for something?). We will say one thing that shouldn't be upsetting and Kelsey will burst into tears! They are also so excited about getting more presents...uhh...I'm not sure how to address this. Like, did they enjoy Christmas so much that they just want to open presents ALL THE TIME? We tell them that they get presents for their birthday and Christmas...and we have to wait. I'm hoping they are just "growing", emotionally, intellectually and they are working some stuff out!! We don't buy them extra gifts/toys for no specific reason.

As we celebrated the birth of my nephew, Benson, we continue the January birthday extravaganza as my Grandma turns 85 years young! Including the newest January baby and my birthday and in-laws, there are 11 members of my family with a January birthday!! What was going on that made April such a "busy" month??

Another "sensitive" Kelsey moment was last night: we were heading upstairs to get ready for bed, brushed teeth, then went to the bedroom. Drew asked to go to bed right away and that sent Kelsey in a tail spin! She started to sob and said, "no bed, read a book." And actually they haven't been sitting still for long during nighttime reading but last night she had me read two books. Annnnnnnnnnd she took all of Drew's trucks, blanket, "buddy" and threw them in his crib, all while sniffling tears. Her socks were still on before head and she started to sob, took one off at a time, put them outside her room and said, "socks go to bed." Craig and I were looking at each other in total disbelief and at times trying not to laugh - only because we couldn't understand why she was that upset about things we do every night. Now when Drew lost his mind over Kelsey putting his toys in the bed, I had a hard time keeping it together:) But then she woke up this morning the sweetest little girl I could imagine and life was good again. If this is any precursor to how she will act as a hormonal 13 year old, I'll start accepting applications for anyone that wants to take her till she's 18;)

And then she does stuff like this - Kelsey put herself in there, shutting the lid
telling me she was going in time out!

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