Sunday, January 19


Benson Robert Stahl - the newest addition to my brother's family!! He was born Saturday, January 18th, at 11:52 p.m. 6lbs 8oz. Cassandra was admitted to the hospital that morning to be induced. My sister, Tara, and I visited her around 3 p.m. and was looking good, high spirits but the baby wasn't making a lot of progress. We left around 4:30, when they were giving her the 4th induction dose and kept in touch with Derek throughout the evening (we were celebrating our cousin Stacie's birthday that night!). It got to be about midnight and I hadn't heard from Derek in about 2 hours. Thirty minutes later, we finally get the "HE'S HERE!" text and that she had to have a C-section because his heart rate was dropping after each contraction. There was a little concern that he may have ingested/aspirated meconium so they watched him the special care nursery for 8 hrs. But we went to visit all of them today and everyone is doing great! He slept the whole time we were there and is such a little peanut:) We brought the kids so they could meet their cousin and we could observe their reaction to a baby - we can't think of a time they would have been around a newborn. Kelsey was super shy, at first, didn't want to look at Benson or talk to Derek or Cassandra. Drew yelled at Craig and I not to "touch it" when we were holding him! Eventually, the kids came around, warmed up, and started to play cars on the floor and chatted Cassandra's mom's ear off!!

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