Tuesday, March 11

Double Whammy

Potty training and daylight savings, all in one weekend - I did not plan that accordingly. One positive, Craig had yesterday off so he had extra time to figure out how the mornings are going to go now that we will be putting the kids on the potty before he gets out the door. Let's just say he doesn't multi-task as efficiently as say...me:). I had Friday off and not knowing when I would have another 3 day period to stay home with kids, I pulled the trigger, bit the potty-training bullet I had been avoiding. I was reading some mom-blogs, googled potty training 100 times, reminded Kelsey and Drew over and over the week before that when the diapers are gone - that's it; they don't make anymore. We talked A LOT about being "big kids" and then they say, "no, I'm Kelsey/Drew". 

Soooooooooo...Friday morning came and Kelsey cried the first half an hour for diapers. Drew chose to do this: 

No bottoms - no underwear or pants. But he made it to the potty every time. Well he kind of "lived" on the potty all day Friday. Even had me move is potty to the coffee table so he could play.

Day 1: Kelsey had 5 accidents. She only made it to the potty twice. Drew had no accidents and was appearing to understand the when-to-go-on-the-potty feeling. Overall the day was long but I didn't feel defeated. Neither kids wanted to wear underwear...not sure why.
This picture is pretty fuzzy - Kelsey kept moving while I was taking the picture to say "cheese". This was Saturday. Now day 2 Drew is sitting with no pants because he had more accidents than the first day. It seemed that once he put pants on, it didn't bother him as much to pee his pants. Kelsey on the other hand was working the potty like a champ! Peed and pooped all day, maybe one accident. Here's the kicker; they won't wear undies AND refuse to wear pull ups. They are definitely not at a point to wake up in the night to pee. So every morning they are wet. I'm not sure how to remedy this: will it come with time? Did we do too good a job of telling them diapers are gone?
Not happy to be photographed on the potty :(

Our next step is to leave the house. And to find out how well they will do at other people's houses, car trips, public restrooms, overall not being able to use the potty they are comfortable on. Here we go - entering another uncharted life change!

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