Monday, March 24

It's My Party

We celebrated the twins 3rd birthday this weekend. It some convincing for the kids that Kelsey's birthday was the same as Drew's and vice versa, AND that they would be at each other's birthday. For real kids, I didn't think it would cause such drama. I was trying to prep them all week for the party, knowing that they are not used to rooms full of people - so every night I would list off the guests. But when great-grandma and grandpa showed up with my mom and step-dad, Kelsey lost it. Big sobs, we had to go get all of her favorite teddy bears and her blanky to make it all better. As soon as the kids showed up, it was all good. This year was more fun because they definitely understood what a birthday party was and as parents, Craig and I didn't have to be "on" the kids the whole time; making sure they were fed, changed, had something to drink. There was certainly more independence as far as the kids just doing their thing.

They were potty training accident-free for a whole week and Craig and I both secretly predicted there would be a mishap at the party. And there was! But thanks to an awesome sister-in-law, it was like it never happened! On the flip side, they woke up 2 days in a row with dry beds - Drew then informed me he gets cake for that:)

So the kids' independence brought upon a crazy gift opening scene. They had opinions about which present they wanted to open and in what order and if they wanted to stop opening and play with that toy! But we got through and haven't lost any pieces yet! It was such a fun day and we're still eating cake:) Score!

Tomorrow is their actual birthday. We will be travelling to Chicago for pictures and the promise of visiting Garrett's Popcorn Shop. I think that will be the bribe to keep them calm and happy for photos with our favorite photographer, Christy!

My ham used to be it seems to be Kels. Oh yea, they got bikes for their birthday and yea, they drive them in the house;) And that is Auntie's beer next to Kelsey's cupcake. She's pretty certain beer is for daddies.
Who doesn't love a baby pirate?? Sweetest little man ever!

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