Sunday, March 16

Crying Wolf

So...the wonderful world of potty training. We've been at it a full week and it's going okay. We used M & M's as a potty reward (a couple of potty training articles I read said to reward DRY pants, but every time I asked Kelsey if her pants were dry, she said no - sigh) and the sly dog Drew is, he began to figure out my system! He would get himself on the potty, stand up and say, "I peed, get nem and nems." But...he wasn't actually peeing; he has an affinity for chocolate, so the fact that there were candies readily available to him was a dream!

They still refuse pull ups at night. Drew woke up 3 mornings DRY, but also woke up in the middle of the night to pee. Kelsey has been dry only one morning. She has proven to be the heavier sleeper; I always thought Drew held that title between them. She is much more efficient about waking up, from nap or in the morning, and going straight to the potty. She also refuses undies, yep lots of commando over here! Drew totally surprised us Friday night and asked to put underwear on; and so I promised him a cake as a reward, thinking Kelsey would get on board since she has a Texas-sized sweet tooth. No go.

The last accident I believe was Wednesday at the sitters. We decided to take them out in public yesterday and today. Of course both said they had to "go" as soon as we got there. Kelsey is a public-restroom-champ, and Drew *thinks* he is going because the automatic toilet flush. Then we get home and he pees like he hasn't for a day!

Drew helping Craig remove the toilet to put tile down.

Mr. Fix it

Chillin' before bed, munching on pickles. Drew just licked his a couple times and
 then Kelsey ended up eating it.

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