Sunday, March 30

"Mom, Feel My 'Eyebows'"

The kids ended up with runny noses after their birthday party. But Kelsey seems to have it worse as she asked for medicine and to check her "eyebows" which I found to mean, put my hand on her forehead to feel if she's feverish. I really have to bite my tongue because she is just the CUTEST when she says it - so serious and will even lay down to really get into the role! Of course the runny noses were right on cue for pictures on Tuesday :( Same scenario as last year but they definitely felt yuckier last year for pictures. We took the kids on their first road trip since potty training began. Craig decided to bring Drew's potty chair because he is still weird about peeing in public restrooms. Drew LOVED seeing the "L" trains overhead as we headed to Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago. He also told us that the tall buildings were "too big"! We stopped twice on the way down for potty breaks. Good thing we learned our lesson from last years photo session and planned all along to do pictures indoors. The wind and cold were nasty in Chicago on Tuesday and I think all parties involved were much happier to be running around inside the Cultural Center.

Leftover cake from the party was just as fun celebrating on their actual
Birthday. Drew did not wait to blow his candle out:)

Random turkeys in the yard

Grandma's bday is the day after the twins, so we celebrated this
weekend with the family.

Couldn't wait for Christy to do her post on the blog; here is a sneak
peek from our session with her! So excited to see the rest!! 

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