Tuesday, July 14

Good Fun

Rolling right along through summer. 2 more weeks of t-ball (we will miss the last game due to an out of town wedding). Which is okay because Kelsey gives up after the second inning and first hour of play. They practice first and watching her play in the dirt makes me wonder if she'll do it next year. When she came out of the game, whining, a friend said what about ballet? And her eyes lit up. So we are looking at putting her in a ballet class in fall while Drew does another year of gymnastics. Separate K4 rooms and gymnastics classes - this will be a big year for them!

Also this past weekend Craig had his last grad school class and last minute we decided to go out to eat. We love hitting up the Chancery because it is never crowded, has a popcorn machine, and the kids get popsicles at the end of their meal.

And we spent almost all of Sunday celebrating Jax and Brady's birthday. Our kids are finally at an age where they just go. We don't have to follow around; they go by the other kids and do whatever:) The weather was nice and we actually were able to sneak in adult time when all the kids wandered to the basement to play Wii. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day. Annie's been my twin coach from day 1 (actually like 7wks when I first found out!). All the twin milestones, like when you can finally take them somewhere and enjoy it, has been spot-on! (I consult her regularly.)

Finally got our t-ball shirts and hats.
And these faces - Drew is totally into not being serious

Popsicle after dinner

Happy 7th birthday to our favorite twins!

Jax checking out the pile of gifts

Drew just loved him some sweet Jamison

Craig giving Brady a good push on the swings

I asked for a pretty picture of her in her dress with her Elsa braid -
I got this :/

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