Wednesday, July 22

Wedding Weekend

Our new garage has been in full building mode since last Tuesday. I do not understand all of the building processes but apparently EVERYONE decided to build something this summer and our trusses ended up being 3 weeks delayed on top of the 3 weeks it takes to "make" them. And everything kinda just shows up when it's ready so there has been 2.5 days where the guys weren't even here because there wasn't any building materials to move on to the next step. Regardless, we are very excited to see the progress and know soon enough our "dream" garage will be built ;)

We had a lovely weekend in Manitowoc celebrating Craig's cousin Elise's wedding. It was the first time the kids were invited to something special like this and they were thrilled to get dressed up like mom and dad. The weather was beautiful. We got to meet Ella and Braden's new puppies. The kids actually did okay for most of the day - they spent about 30 minutes on the dance floor and then hit a wall. And then it was all whining . We took them home around 9 and slowly the rest of the family trickled in and we sat up chatting for a couple hours.
*We did learn on this car trip that Kelsey gets car sick. Two weeks ago we drove to Racine and she got this sour look on her face and was kinda whimpering/whining in the back seat. Once she got out of the car she was find. On Saturday, she actually threw up about an hour into the car ride. I think part of it is their new booster seats are lower, especially in the car, so she can't see out the window. And I find her scooting herself down in her seat while watching a movie. So we might have to concede and drive the inefficient truck on long rides. (I get car sick and have since I was younger. I can't read in the car or turn around and look into the backseat for very long.)

3 months after tearing down our dilapitated garage, THIS is
finally happening!
Our first family wedding


Being silly

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