Wednesday, July 8

The 4th

We spent another Independence day up in my home town. We went to the same parade my family and cousins went to as children - and now as adults we reconvene in the same area with our kids! We get to see Grandpa Irv marching in the parade with his fire dept and then head up to the picnic for burgers and rides. Craig has been working at the club every 4th so instead of waiting around for him, we head north and he meets up with us later.

Craig received tickets for a Brewer game Monday night and since they were free, we decided to go. The game started at 7 so I wasn't sure how long the kids would last. Well, Mondays aren't their "best" days, as it is the start of the week, getting up to go to the sitter (I mean, Mondays aren't my favorite either.) So Kelsey started to crash and burn early, like 7:15, asking to go home. We got up from our seats around 8 and walked around the kid area on the first level.

These next couple weekends we have birthday parties and weddings! Should be lots of fun, just hoping the weather cooperates :) Hello Wisconsin, it's SUMMER! (55 degrees this morning and yesterday was obscene.)

All of my cousin's kids + ours, waiting for the parade to start!
Had to hit up the picnic after the parade

Busting out the old-school toys at Auntie Tara's.
(She has kept everything that was there after my dad.
Pretty sure I played with that register 30 years ago!)

Our first Brewer game of the season. Kelsey was pretty shy
and wanted no part of pictures. 

Hugging Bernie Brewer!

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