Saturday, September 3

End of Summer

So our first week with Craig at school was a success! Although driving to pick the kids up from the sitter is a little weird because I HARDLY drive anymore - I bike to work and any other driving, I'm usually the passenger:) But the babies are adjusting to getting up a little earlier to accomodate our work schedules.

Drew has been rolling all over the place. No matter how I lay him on the floor he ends up in a totally different part of the room. They are both still so smiley and goofy! Drew's fuzzy head is getting some more hair, while Kelsey's seems to be a little out of control.

We tried rice cereal last night for the first time. The pediatricion told us to wait until they were closer to their adjusted age of 4 months, which is in 6 days. I thought Kelsey would be our big eater, but she may have been too hungry for the first try. We were playing and then I got a phone call, so I didn't realize it was getting a little past her next meal time. She took a few bites but then gave me the look, the "mom, enough of this - where is the bottle?" So when Drew woke up I thought I would immediately try to throw some cereal in his mouth and he did pretty good. We are going to give it another go tonight.

I usually look forward to wonderful, long holiday weekends but since I was on maternity leave for most of the summer, Labor Day is my summer holiday for call. But I guess it forces us to not make plans and just spend some time at home. We do have a couple of friends we are going to meet in-between my call shifts but we did run into a minor conflict of schedules - Craig is supposed to be closing the club pool Monday evening while I'm on call; so if I get called in, what do we do with the babies? Thanks to Auntie Tara, who is going to come down and spend the night, we have plan B in the event Craig and I both need to be at work. I wish I could do the job I love with people I really like to work with, but forget about the (sometimes) non-family friendly call shifts I have to take. Oh, and make the same amount of money. A girl can dream, can't she?!

This is Kelsey right before I tried to feed her cereal - can we say tantrum?

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