Wednesday, October 5

"Wake Up - It's Time to Go to Bed"

I've heard this line more than once in my youth...and now I'm saying it to my babes. Lately they've been taking a nap before their last bottle. At first I was worried they wouldn't sleep at night or go to sleep after the bottle - thankfully not so. But Drew especially, sleeps SO.MUCH. I have the urge to wake him up, put him in his pj's, and give him his bottle but I can't disturb that sweet face. So we went from a 7:30-ish bedtime to anytime Drew wants to wake up, which could be 8:30. Ahhhh...routines have been my savior.

A BIG HELLO to this Indian summer we are having! The kids are getting outside with the sitters and we are trying to soak up as much of this beautiful weather before it is gone.

Go Brewers!

Oh yes...she's wearing leg warmers;)

A new toy (or something other than me to occupy their time for about 5 min.)

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