Sunday, October 9

Can't Beat the Weather

Craig had a softball tourny this weekend and it was so great to get the kids out. They slept ALL.NIGHT! Kelsey hasn't done that in over a week (combination of her cold waking her and teething). The babies are mastering eating food. Before they started cereal, I predicted Kelsey would be the "good" eater, but Drew ended up loving it more. Now that it is veggies, Kelsey's proving me right. Drew needs his veggies to be mixed with cereal otherwise he won't eat them. Kelsey will eat a bowl full without question. So far we've been thru carrots, beets, and peas. Unfortunately I can't tell if the beets or her cold or teething are giving Kelsey TERRIBLE diaper rash. And so far the beets were her favorite too.

More softball for us today and tomorrow night we are going to game 2 of the NLCS to see the Brewers! We are so excited!! And the babies get to hang out with Auntie Cassandra:) I'm sure they will all have a blast.

Drew playing in his new exersaucer - notice Kelsey in the background.

Apparently this is what happened when Craig was waiting for the nanny to come and he left the living room.

And Drew saying, "What the heck is she doing?"

Thanks "Uncle" Brian and "Auntie" Alyssa - my shirt finally fits me!

The brown blob next to Craig and Drew is the cat. Lately he is loving the kids and Drew has been trying to pet him when he comes close to him.

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