Saturday, October 1

No More "Adjustment"

We had a very positive 6 month appt. Usually after the babies are weighed and measured, she charts them on their "adjusted age" which is 6 weeks younger. But yesterday when she was looking at Drew's height and it was the 95th percentile for 4.5 months, she decided to put it on his "actual" age of 6 months and it was the 50th percentile. So she said the babies have mostly caught up - in size and developmentally. Yay! Drew weighs 15.5lbs and Kelsey 14.14lbs. They have been eating cereal for a month now and it is time to start fruit and veggies - I wasn't excited about starting something new because they are eating cereal SO good right now. They gave me a lot of gag/puke faces last night with the carrots and spit it out as fast as I could shovel it in! Oh well, I just have to put my patient pants on and keep trying :)

Kelsey's a little snotty these past couple days and hope it doesn't progress to anything worse. We were going to try to get outside today; Craig's playing softball and there is a charity walk at the Summerfest grounds today but it is SO chilly! Think we'll be hanging out inside today. Still can't believe it is October already. GO BREWERS!

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  1. This is amazing news. It can take preemies so long to catch up and your little pumpkins are there - fabulous!