Monday, October 24

Oh Man, We're Getting Old!

I cannot believe it has been 7 months already. I thought time/months/years went by fast before kids - geez, I didn't think it could go any faster! Of course, lately, some of the days seem to be dragging because we have entered the exciting world of teething. Really, what is taking so long for those teeth to come in? Don't they know their pain makes my otherwise very happy, smiling children, unbearably crabby? And then their momma would rather stick needles in her eyes than have to watch nothing console her babies.

Food issues are a thing of the past. They have been inhaling everything I put in front of them...EVEN GREEN BEANS!! People warned me that green beans are usually not a babies favorite but even Drew said gimme more. Apples, pears, bananas, peaches, carrots, peas, beets, green beans - I should be moving them thru new foods faster but when I started making my own baby food, my mom had brought beets from the garden and I had bought 10lbs of carrots. So I'm kinda going thru in order of expiration, which means we are still using up the carrots and beets - but we mix them with the peas, which aren't one of their favorites.

This weekend was SO.BEAUTIFUL. We were able to get the kids outside for some 7 month pics together. Grandpa Bob dropped off a cool Radio Flyer wagon on Friday, Grandma and Grandpa Bonin came to visit Saturday, and yesterday we watched football with our friends who have donated *most* of Drew's wardrobe:) Speaking of wardrobes...Kelsey just accepted a new "loan" of goods from my cousin's little girl, who must have been the best dressed 3-6 month old! I kept pulling outfits out of the bin saying, "Oh my gosh, look at THIS!" It's these little things that excite me;)

(I'm a little sad that my smiley Drew wasn't so smiley during pictures - he was having a pretty bad teething day and I think he had just gotten up from a nap. This the only smile I have and it's at his sister.)

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