Friday, December 16

9 Days til Christmas

Where's the SNOW?? I'm really jonesing for a white Christmas and to throw the kids out in a snow bank all bundled up:) "They" say there will be *some* snow for the holidays but we'll see!

Kelsey is moving around the house in all her crawling glory. Drew continues to roll to wherever he wants to go but he gets there fast! The kids don't purposefully go to the tree but when they are close to it they become enthralled with the gifts. Sometimes they are kicking the presents or they grab the handle on the gift bag. Kelsey is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth, so sorry if anyone gets a gift from us with a wet spot:)

The babies survived their first cold - thankfully only having to suffer with snotty noses and coughs. And then the rest of the house "caught" the cold. Then Craig came home from school Wednesday and said a large amount of kids were out sick from his class - lo and behold he woke up Thursday feeling icky and by the end of the day he was feeling down right awful! So I am in mama bear mode, trying to keep the babies from getting another cold so soon.

Great Uncle Bobby

Steve Jobs prodigy

It wasn't me!

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