Sunday, December 11


Drew, always a little behind his sister, has finally gotten his first tooth. I think it was Saturday morning we were all sitting in bed and Drew had finished his bottle and moved on to gnawing on Craig's finger. That's when we noticed it had pushed thru and now he's a drooling fool!

We had to get some Christmas shopping done this weekend because we are celebrating with Craig's family one week early. So this week we will be in full swing wrapping, packing, and cooking for Saturday's festivities in Wausau. It will be the longest the kids have been in a car so we'll see how they do cooped up for 3 hours (or more likely if they *last* the full 3 hrs)! It also will be the kids first experience with with "Christmas". I don't expect them to get very much out of it except watching their cousins and flying wrapping paper.

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