Monday, December 19

Naughty or Nice

So the kids had their first Christmas this past weekend. The first 2 hours and 45 min of the drive there was quiet. Then they realized they had been sitting in a car seat for too long AND it was time to eat again. I crawled into the back seat between them and gave them their yogurt and we made it to Aunt Cher and Uncle Dale's house. And then the fun began! We had SUCH a great time, lots of visiting, tasty food, yummy beverages, super gifts. I'll let the abundance of pictures tell the rest of the story. The drive home was not so happy but who wants to leave all the fun??

Santa Drew

Oldest cousin Braden

Cousin Ella and Drew watching TV

Kelsey having fun with her cousins

Opening the first gifts

Look! No kids!

Opening our Zoo pass from Grandma and Grandpa B

Grandpa B and Drew

Auntie Cher and Kelsey

A new toy!

Craig playing this CRAZY "mind flex" game with his niece and nephew, where you move the ball with your brain waves! Kid's toys are so different from when I was young.

Winding down from the busy day
 We can't wait to celebrate all the other Christmases with the rest of our family!

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