Tuesday, December 27

And a Happy New Year

Well, we all made it through one of the busiest Christmases yet! The food was delicious and a little off "the beaten path" for my family, but I LOVED it! We saw LOTS of family we haven't visited with in a couple months. Of course most of them were excited to see the kids; how much they've grown and what "new" things they've learned.

We all received such generous, thoughtful gifts from our loving family! One of my favorite gifts actually came as a secret from an extended family member and I can't wait share it....just not today;)

There are SO many pictures from the last 3 days, buckle in and enjoy the show!

Crawling thru the kitchen Christmas Eve morning

Her first doll

Opening gifts at Great-Grandma Luchsinger's on Christmas Eve afternoon

Opening gifts at Grandpa Bob's Christmas Eve

Grandpa Bob and Kelsey checking out the tree

Late Christmas Eve with cousin Sheena - Drew using her finger as a teething toy

Christmas morning!!

Great-grandma Zuehlke and Drew looking at his ornament

A rocking grasshopper!

Day after Christmas at Grandma Linda's house

Kelsey playing with Uncle Matt's hat

Drew (chewing on his thumb) with Grandma Linda

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