Saturday, December 31

*2011* HIghlights

So many wonderful and unexpected things happened to us this past year! I thought I would recap just to remind myself...

Jan 6th - 22wk appt. Cervix is SHORT! I was put on bed rest with another appt scheduled a week later.     Miss my sister's bridal shower.

Jan 11th - Follow up appt and cervix is shorter yet! Left doctor's office and was immediately admitted to labor and delivery for monitoring; which resulted in cerclage placement.

Jan 25th - I turn 30.

Jan 31st - HUGE snow storm. Craig is home from work.

Feb 12th - Little sister's wedding.

Feb 13 - Protests at the Capital over union power.

Feb 28th - First Baby Shower

March 17th - First NST appt (non-stress test for babies) 32wks pregnant.

March 24th - Doctor appt and Nurse Practitioner says I can keep my cerclage til 36wks!

March 25th - 3 a.m. water breaks, 20 hrs later Drew and Kelsey are here! Almost made it to 34 wks.

April 11th - Babies come home after 16 days in the NICU

June 20th - My first day of work after being off for 6 months!

(it's so hard to believe they were that tiny, oh my heart's melting)

June 30th - D & K sleep thru the night :)

July 23-24 - Our first weekend away from the kids to celebrate a friend's wedding.

August 27th - Our 6 yr anniversary

August 28th - Baptism

September 24th - Brother's wedding

October - eh, nothing really

November - some small milestones; teeth, crawling, "dadada"

December - more of the same, mastering their "infant" months!

We wish you all a fabulous New Year - filled with good health (especially for our favorite 3.5 year old little man), and more happiness than last year. God Bless Us, Everyone!

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