Monday, July 2


So I haven't taken a whole lot of pictures the past week because the kids have been CRABBY! They've had a little bit of a cold and at least one is teething every other day. There has been tears for no reason, gunky eyes, chewing on thumbs, gross diapers, and short tempers that have resulted in lots of hitting/fighing between them. And I'm not sure they are at an age where you can discipline them where they understand. We do scold them and separate whenever there is hitting or biting (oh yeah, Drew's a biter!) but it seems that they think it is funny. There just hasn't been enough patience in the world to deal with all this this week! Deep breaths...this will pass.

When they ARE in a good mood, they have been walking around the house like pros. They get into everything possible. Kelsey's hair is growing like a weed, with cute curls that spring up in the back. They are starting to look more like kids and less like babies (sad face). As I was packing clothes up for a friend to borrow, I came across their preemie outfits and can't believe they ever wore them - they are SO TINY!

A side note: something totally bizarre that a cashier said to us the other day, "Oh how cute! How old are they? They must be like 9 months apart." Really? Does that even make sense in your head lady? When we told her they were twins, she said, "Well, then the boy MUST have been born first." Umm, at this point we just smiled and walked away! Gotta love the people of Wal-Mart:)

TWO cars! Oh, believe it that they still fight over one!

Watching morning cartoons.

Morning meltdown! He couldn't be with the rest of us and settled over her
with his milk.

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