Saturday, July 21

Flash Dance

Let's see...what have we been up to this week? We FINALLY got some much needed rain! I think it rained for over 6 hours here - such a relief since we had half of our front lawn dug up and re-seeded so Craig has been watering EVERY DAY since June 10th. All the while I had been threatening we would need to take a second job to pay the water bill for the summer:)

Otherwise the kids have been checking out new parks in the area with the babysitters. We took the kids out to eat with us last night...realizing we wanted to BE outside in this gorgeous weather, and after finding out the zoo closes at 5p.m. I was a little disappointed:( I guess I never had to know when the zoo closed so it never occurred to me that it would be "early"). So we went to a nice Irish pub that has super outdoor seating (it also seems that if you are outdoors and your kids don't want to cooperate, it's not as obvious!). But the kids did great - we even shared some dessert! They got a little itchy before the food came; we were pushing the dinner time limits with them since we had to wait for Drew to wake up from his afternoon nap and then hit some minor rush-hour traffic. But we let Drew out of his chair to explore and as soon as the food showed up, he was ready to settle back down.

Oh, and I almost forgot why I called this post "Flash Dance". Kelsey's hair has been out of control, like usual. So every day I'm interested to see what she looks like when I get home from work - Craig doesn't "do" anything to her hair. I just send along a bag of hair clips/ties and the sitters fix her hair when she gets there. Well, yesterday the nanny put her hair in a pony and then put a hair band on. After the nanny left, Kelsey was just cruising around the living room and she decided she would reposition the band. She looks like she's gonna lead an aerobics class! Ah that girl never lets me down!

She even got dad to wear it!

I HAD to post a pic of my little buddy - I love his concentrating face:)

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