Monday, July 30

Softball Weekends

So...sometimes I forget what happened in a weeks time until I go back through the pictures in the camera. And last week I posted early Saturday morning before our weekend festivities began! Craig played softball in Beaver Dam and I decided after breakfast to pack the kids up and enjoy the weather. The kids had fun and were silly, as you will see below.

Surely there must be something in there for him too!

Of course Kelsey had to look also:)

Chillin' in her big girl chair, giving that stuffed animal (I say that loosely
because I still don't know what it really is) the stare down.

Kevin and Drew hanging in between games.

And the result of playing outdoors for 4 hours.

Then this weekend Craig played in the infamous Manitowoc Kenny's tournament. We've attended every year unless someone was getting married (and in July the odds are pretty good for a wedding to be that weekend). The weather was great and the company was super. The only downfall was, of course, on our way home. When you just want to BE home already, we entered orange construction barrel h*ll, half way home. The traffic came to a crawl and then a dead stop. It took us over 20 minutes to go about 2 miles. It's never a good idea to close an interstate down to one lane in the summer, city of Port Washington - why do you have to fix EVERY BRIDGE at the same time? I was worried the kids were going to wake up and be hungry and we'd be stuck in no mans land. Thankfully Drew kept sleeping and Kelsey kept talking to the window...or her foot...or the seat belt...or her stuffed animal...or any"thing" that would listen!

Drew with Jax and Brady

Kelsey being silly at grandpa and grandma's

We gave Craig's parents this entertainment stand when the kids
started crawling. We put our TV up on the wall - now we know
we made the right decision!

Kelsey and grandma's dog Carter, checking out the neighborhood.

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