Sunday, July 15

He's Got The Fever!

Well, not anymore. Late Sunday evening I picked Drew up after his nap and his skin felt like it was ON FIRE! I took his temp and it was 102.5. Oh crap - what infection was he brewing up? Craig had started a nasty cold, sinus pressure/stuffiness that progressed into severe sore throat and body aches (and eventually I had to get him a z-pack). So we gave him some Tylenol and he slept til 4 a.m....when he woke up screaming! Again, he was on fire, brought him into our bed, took his temp - 101.9, gave him Tylenol and he *kinda* fell back to sleep before we had to get up for work. He went to the babysitter and was fine. Monday night before bath time, he started getting lethargic and his fever was back up. He cooled down a little during his bath, needed Tylenol again but slept through the night. I worked early Tuesday morning, so I didn't get to see Drew before going to the sitter. Craig said he wouldn't let go of his bear or his milk cup. But apparently after his morning nap at the sitter's, he was better.

So the fever went away but he became SUPER clingy and cried without incidence. He was still eating good and sleeping like normal. Now I was thinking it might be his teeth. It's amazing how different Kelsey and Drew are. I put my finger in Kelsey's mouth on her back gums and she has molars on all sides - we never would have known, she didn't make a peep. Drew's always had the harder time teething. His molars and eye teeth are all coming in and he does NOT like it. So we switched to Advil to help with the pain. We still don't know what caused the high fever but it passed and we all moved on!

Yesterday we went to the Lettenberger twins 4th birthday party. It was a big celebration, carnival style! It was hot but we had fun eating hot dogs, watching kids get their faces painted and playing in bounce houses. We love our little boy friends and can't wait for Jax to be "tube-free" soon!

He's actually not feeling too good in this pic...the one below shows him
laying in his chair. He never lays down unless it's bed time!

Again with his cheese grin - every time he sees a camera!

This is what happens with both kids try to use the slide;)

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  1. They are so cute that I can't stand it. I'm glad Drew's fever went down. Kids get fever virus' often and they're so strange! You did all the right things - after day three is a doctor trip, but thankfully you guys got to avoid it! And 2 cheers for Kelsey girl not getting it hey?