Sunday, July 8

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I don't think I have to tell most of you how uncomfortable the weather has been around here! We've struggled to find a time to get the kids outside and if it didn't happen early in the morning, we would lose our chance! By mid-day, the heat and humidity was so extreme you couldn't breathe; the air was smothering. It was even a little difficult to be outside on the 4th; we were all a sweaty mess.

But finally the heat broke and I was able to open ALL of the windows last night. It is so fantastic this morning to be able to enjoy summer once again.

Yesterday we went to a graduation party and the kids were loving all the new people to play with. We had put sandals on them knowing we would be on concrete and let's just say walking WITH shoes is a whole different ball game! Kelsey's been practicing a new combination of sounds; this week it's "owie dowie". And she repeats it over and over in her own little language. Drew's been doing a little more talking in "his" baby talk; usually he just does sounds, even mimicking the dog's bark:) (like I NEED a second dog barking is this house!) 

We are gearing up the next couple weekends for birthday parties and softball. Gotta love a busy summer!

Watching the parade and eating a sucker with Grandma

Watching the parade with Auntie. It was too hot for a shirt!

At the graduation party (brought our own toys)

Drew found a friend to play trucks with

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