Wednesday, June 12

Beautiful Disaster

We had a bit of a chaotic beginning to our vacation Friday but once we began our drive to Mexico Saturday morning, it was all good (albeit HOT! It was 109 in Phoenix Friday!) We had 3 lazy pool days, catching rays, walking the beach, consuming more tacos (and beer) than acceptable. The reason for this journey into Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) was to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, a band we have followed for around 8 years. We have made 4 previous trips to this part of Mexico for the band's annual outdoor concert (we also see them about twice a year, whenever the tour makes it to Milwaukee). The no-schedule-nap-before-we-head-out-for-dinner was welcomed with open arms:)

Looking out the patio from our condo

Can you tell which couple had a day and a half extra in the sun??

View from the restaurant looking back towards the resort

 The kids stayed home with "Aunie Sarah" and grandma. I was anxious about things I have never worried about before when travelling and then, that's when I realized the difference between travelling in your 20's and travelling as parent/mom. Only our email would work in this part of Mexico but when the email each day read, "The kids had a good day and played hard. Please enjoy your vacation and don't worry about us" it made relaxing and napping (I had forgotten what those were) more doable. We both took the day off today to recollect our lives, house, spend some time with the kids before the "grind" begins again tomorrow.

Silly kids playing in the cedar closet, making nests out of the sweaters.

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