Monday, June 24

No! I Don't Wan To!

...a common phrase out of Miss Sassy-pants Kelsey's mouth lately. So we looked at where/who she could be hearing this from (because it isn't from us!). And I remember my friend telling me Caillou "taught" her son to be whiny. I thought, hmmm, how could that be? But then Kelsey started saying lines from the Caillou cartoon before the characters said them and I was all what the? Needless to say, Caillou has taken a break from our household since we returned from vacation. She still asks for him and I tell her that he's taking a nap so we can't watch him. It's kinda working for now - we let her watch cute problem solving, friendly shows like Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Little Einsteins.

Drew is our clown, always showing off trying to get a rise out of people. I often find them in the play room with Kelsey just giggling away at whatever silly thing Drew is doing. He was acting crazy in front of his cousins Ella and Braden on Saturday at a graduation party. He also thought he was pretty funny calling Craig "Grandma" Friday night when he put them to bed. Craig would say, "night Drew." And Drew would get a sneaky grin on his face and say, "night Grandma." Oh that kid, he's a ham!

Annnnnnnnndddddd brown cat is missing. I propped the screen door open Wednesday night, trying to get the kids in the house after softball and up to the bathtub and into bed AND it was already 7:30 (haha). Well, I never shut the screen door or closed the inside door properly. Our other cat (Wriggs) was acting all weird Thursday morning and we thought that maybe brown cat just got locked in a room. No such luck - we haven't seen or heard him since.

Aiden giving Drew a ride in the Power Wheel.

(Sigh) Kelsey's going to learn to hold her own with all these boys!

She accessorized her outfit as we were walking around Old Navy Sunday.

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