Tuesday, June 18

Crayons and Shopping

I know I only worked 2 days last week after vacation but I was exhausted! Why is it that you need a vacation after your vacation?? Thankfully the school year is over for Craig so his schedule is a little more relaxed. We played a lot outside this weekend since the weather was gorgeous. We also took the kids out for a pre-Father's Day dinner Saturday night; it's nice to find a place that has outdoor seating, which helps entertain the kids a little longer. There is a fine line of how long the kids will sit in their seats though and then they want to get out and explore.

Drew's newest thing is peeling the paper off of the crayons. And he's not happy until it is all off. At the restaurant that is how we kept him interested in sitting in his seat - after he peeled all of his crayons, we gave him Kelsey's. And last night when we were outside, we found him peeling the bark off of a stick. He has also became a little parrot. He repeats any new word I say to him, where Kelsey is constantly asking, "whassat, momma?" and then repeats what I say. And Kelsey now tells me she wants to go shopping! She opened the door last night and said, "come mom, I wan shopping!" I always thought about having a little sidekick but I didn't think she'd start this young:)

Oh yea, mowing the lawn.

Every time I try to take a pic of them, they look away!
(These 2 are from Father's Day)

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