Monday, June 3

The Grass is Greener

Who knew watching grass grow, cutting the lawn would be such a topic of conversation in our house? Well, Craig is mildly obsessed with it actually. It really started last year when we had the side yard graded to slope to the street to prevent any more flooding. Then he talked my ear off about new sprouts of grass and how much he had to water. This year it is more about the grass but also he purchased an edging tool as a birthday gift. He's been pointing out the grass to the kids (they don't care) and this morning he told me the only reason the curtains were open so early was so we (he) could admire his handy-work. I'm giving him some props today because he seems awfully proud!

And it seems the Kelsey is indeed calling Drew "Share". She'll ask me where dad is and then where share is. Umm...I don't get it. Until I realized that when they are fighting over a toy, I say, "Drew share." So I don't know if she is repeating what I say (because she's TOTALLY into that right now) or I'm confusing her with my words.

This picture is a big deal...because she had a pony tail in...because she NEVER lets
me put anything in her hair except a small clip or *small* side pony. She usually says, "oww, hert" and
pulls the hair pretty out and says, "no peetty".

Oh yea, we're drumming!

And looking under the couch for the kitty:)

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