Friday, June 7

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

We are taking our first vacation since getting pregnant, leaving the kids at home. Every day I've been telling Kelsey that Auntie "Sarah" is coming when mom and dad go buh-bye (she says Sarah instead of Tara). Then she furrows her brows together and says, "no Sarah". Then I tell her Sarah is going to stay with them and play and watch Caillou and share snacks, ok? OK! she yells back. It is certainly more stressful on me to leave than for the kids or Aunt Tara :)

It is also Craig's last day of school, which snuck up on both of us. This school year has had a totally different feel and I know Craig was less stressed and enjoyed teaching again.

Bring on the hot sun and the cold drinks! See you next week!

I leave you with this silly picture of Kelsey after bath time last night

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