Sunday, July 24


We had a wonderful weekend in the Chicago suburbs celebrating our friend's wedding. Craig and I took off of work on Friday to pack the kids up and take them to my mom's and we were able to get a jump start on the rehearsal festivities. It rained A LOT down there - so much that the bride and groom's basement flooded Thursday and Friday night. But they are such calm easy-going people we wouldn't have even known if the best man didn't bring it up.  The rain held up for the important events Saturday - it was even sunny after the ceremony while they were taking pictures. It was my first time away from the kids overnight. I was excited to be with friends and enjoy our weekend with no baby responsibilities! I survived being away from them, only they did not sleep through the night for my mom - sassy babies:)

And today when we went to pick up the kids, we celebrated my sister's golden birthday; it's actually tomorrow, along with the babies turning 4 months old! I can't wait to see how much they've grown.

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  1. They are the most adorable babies in the world!!! I can't wait to hold them again! :)