Saturday, July 9


This weekend Craig attended his college friend's bachelor party in Lake Geneva. Of course it started fairly early Saturday and was sure to end very late that night. So I asked my sister to spend the weekend with me to help my sanity! We were able to do some garage sale damage, collecting items for next year. And then we sat outside, getting a little tan for the upcoming wedding. Typically when Tara stays in Milwaukee, we order take-out from our favorite Asian restaurant but after watching multiple Olive Garden commercials we decided to take the kids and eat there. The whole day was going really well until we left the restaurant. Kelsey and Drew both started whining on the ride home so we HAD to take a walk to get custard:) And tomorrow we get to celebrate our favorite twins' 3rd birthday! We are praying for great weather.

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  1. Look at Drew's smiley face!!!
    They're so cute, luv them!