Saturday, July 30


It appears as though the babies heard their doctor say they *should* be eating 25-40oz. a day. Let me back-track and recap the 4 month appt where the pediatrician was surprised the babies weren't drinking 4oz at each feeding and still managed to gain 4lbs. They eat 6-7 times a day, drinking 3.5oz each feed and we end up under the 25oz minimum per day. I had been sending an extra bottle to the babysitter for her to give them more if they seemed hungry after they finished. Some days the extra bottle was empty, some days she didn't even use it - whatever, some days I'm more hungry than others! So since the appt Tuesday, I've been giving them 4oz in every bottle but there have been times where chubby Drew needs a second helping! He's such a dude:) Baby girl doesn't usually need more and at times doesn't finish the 4oz so we will give it to Drew. Maybe he'll be the "plate-finisher". Which means he'll eat everything on his plate and anything anyone leaves on theirs! That would mean he takes after ME:) I love food, getting "seconds", and eating off other's plates -haha!

With that I will leave you some new pics of the chubby bunnies;)

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