Wednesday, July 27

No Food :(

The babies had their 4 month appt yesterday. Everything looks good but my hopes for getting the green light to start cereal this week were knocked down. She told me to really wait until they are "actually" 4 months old, which is September. I guess I forget that they are really only 2mo and 3wks old. The doctor was a little surprised that they only eat 3.5 oz at each feeding AND gained 4lbs in 2 months. So Drew grew the most! That chubby bunny weighs11lbs 8oz and is 23.5 in. long. He's been eating like crazy the last 2 wks. Kelsey is 11lbs 8.5oz and 23 in.  The doctor was happy with how healthy they look and how much they gained but I got the impression that she'd like us to be feeding them more with each bottle; because she gave us more samples of the high calorie formula:)  I was always a little reserved about adding more to the bottle because if they didn't finish it, we would have to throw it away - and I'm not about to waste any precious breast milk. But last night and this morning I added an extra .5oz to the bottles and they drank it all.

The babies also had to get shots again. One of the medications in the shot burns when it goes in; Drew was the first one to get it and he has SUCH a high pitched scream that it scared Kelsey and she started to cry before she even got her shot!! So I had to calm her down and make her smile before she was inflicted with the pain:(  Just a little crying and they were over it.

I'm very much looking forward to having no plans Saturday. We don't have many weekend days to ourselves before Craig goes back to school and summer will be over. Hopefully we will continue to have nice weather through September.

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